Fim Caravans – Adventure on wheels


Caravans have always been a perfect companion of adrenaline and adventure junkies. Mini caravans designed and developed by Fim caravans are classic and robust. The entire process of production occurs in Romania. Developed under great precision, the Fim caravans are made with perfect amalgamation of comfort and thrill. The caravans possess an interior sleeping area that can easily accommodate two people, kitchen area with cooking and dish washing section and front technical and luggage compartment.

The outstanding off-road capabilities of Fim caravans make it an outstanding choice for all the travelers. Nothing can be compared to the cosy feel of home, the Fim caravans have made the interior homely to make your holidays extra comfortable. The off-road axle less suspension system and LED road lighting technology add up to the excellence of the Fim caravan. The caravan is fully equipped with robust battery, USB charging sockets, fresh water tank on board supply and diesel heating system. The caravan is compatible for all seasons so get ready to discover the world of camping and adventure.

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